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“…Before this presentation, I thought everything was fine. It turns out, I didn’t even know enough to realize how much I needed this presentation. All parents need to see this…”



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Saturday, May 27, 2017
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Think You Know What Your Kids are Doing Online?


Let parenting author and Internet expert Elizabeth Racine take you on a guided tour of your child’s online world--it will shock you.


Her extensive online research for the past 12 years has uncovered a moral minefield for families today:  Plagiarism, Cyberbullying, Internet Pornography, Satanism, and other assorted perils are big draws for teens and ‘tweens.


Learn the warning signs and how to detect your child’s involvement, plus hidden dangers in websites that profess to be “safe.”


Learn how to keep tabs on and set limits to protect your child and family, while still remaining connected—both to the Internet, and to each other.


Elizabeth Racine, mother of three teenagers, is a Candidate for her M.A. in Catholic Moral Theology. She has taught eighth grade in Catholic school for four years and has been a writer for the past 24 years, specializing in family and parenting issues. Her work has appeared in print over 300 times, with recent articles covering children’s Internet use for Today’s Catholic Teacher Magazine and Momentum Magazine, as well as numerous parenting articles for Catholic Parent Magazine. She was interviewed on Fox 29’s special report on Internet abuses by children.






Provides Parents, Teachers, and Clergy with EDUCATION 



You will learn:

·         Up-to-the-minute current events –presentation is updated with the latest breaking news.


·         How the Internet exacerbates and promotes any and all perversions (kids can find reinforcement for  all aberrational behavior, resulting in heightened interest in activities like robotripping, cutting, and the choking game--the list goes on and on...)


·         Honest, frank discussion of issues such as porn--and how it permeates all of the Internet and our society.  You will be shocked at who is posting porn—right under our noses.


·         What you won’t hear from the media   — and why…


·         Information from a parent of teenagers who is in the trenches and has learned many things the hard way. This is no "holier than thou" presentation.  



You are the Only Safeguard Your Child Has Online


Some topics covered:


·         Cyberbullying, purchase of drugs online, gang recruitment, exhibitionism, voyeurism, piracy of songs, plagiarism, academic cheating with technology, etc.



·         How most kids use and abuse blogs and profiles on social networking sites (Xanga, MySpace.com, and numerous others). Learn why pedophiles love these sites, and how to protect your children and students.



·         Pedophiles -- how they stalk children, plus warnings about all features kids like to use that put them at risk of being approached (chat, IM, cellphones, etc.)


·         Satanism and your child--warning signs to watch for (the Internet is the church of Satan). Satanic rituals call for sex acts to be performed.



·         Blocking Software and Filters. Benefits vs. drawbacks. Learn who is waiting to teach your kids how to disable blocking software at school and at home, and what to do about it.


·         Learn simple techniques to monitor and oversee your child’s computer usage.  Stay a few steps ahead of your children and students for their own safety.


·         Educational Handouts for parents and teachers.


·         Upcoming legislation that ALL parents and schools need to be aware of  (Information that is not publicly available concerning upcoming liability laws for parents and schools)



·         Q&A for attendees. In small groups, commentary is welcomed as we view the slides; for larger groups, it is best to wait ‘til the end for questions.


·         Follow-up email support for all attendees.




Presentations available for churches, faculty, parents, and students.


For children’s protection, no children will be permitted to attend the parent presentations.


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Fr. John Trigilio

I fully endorse, recommend and support Elizabeth Racine and her work.

She is an outstanding herald of truth exposing some of the most pernicious evils in cyberspace.  She is not a technophobe but a true realist.  Beth acknowledges the great benefit and indispensable help the internet and other high tech communications have provided modern society. 

What distinguishes her from the rest of the pack is that she can and does effectively demonstrate to parents, teachers, pastors, and the typical man or woman on the street that, like anything in the modern world, progress can create greater and more immanent dangers just as it makes better efficiency, more convenience and easy access.

Beth Racine’s message becomes as important as Consumer Reports is to potential customers.  She does not scare parents and teachers away from the internet, cell phones and other technology, nor does she overreact and portray high-tech as a Pandora’s Box.  What she does is expose the real and immanent dangers to the MOST VULNERABLE and MOST TARGETED group, innocent children.  Her message does not make her audience paranoid; rather, it helps them become PRUDENT and RESPONSIBLE guardians of their children’s welfare.

Beth Racine helped our priests and deacons realize the spiritual and moral dangers in addition to the potential physical and sexual threats.  Knowledge is our best defense.  As spiritual leaders, we now (thanks to Beth Racine) can inform and encourage our parents and teachers to be on the alert, to truly supervise and to get involved with every aspect, dimension and activity of their children, not as spies but as conscientious, responsible and concerned guardians of the safety of these same children. 

In my professional and personal opinion, to ignore or overlook Beth Racine’s message is the equivalent of culpable ignorance, intellectual misconduct, and it could lead to moral if not criminal negligence.  It would be a sin of omission were a religious leader to not at least listen or read her message and try to share it with the people of his congregation.

Rev. Dr. John Trigilio, Jr., PhD, ThD
President, Confraternity of Catholic Clergy  
Pastor, Our Lady of Good Counsel Church 
Pastor, Saint Bernadette Church
Co-host, "Web of Faith" and “Council of Faith”  on EWTN
Author of Catholicism for Dummies and John Paul II for Dummies  


Fr. Ken Brighenti

Elizabeth Racine came to St. Ann School in Raritan New Jersey , to address our parents about the Internet.  She not only gave an eye opening presentation of what our children can be exposed to, but she did so in a very interesting and savvy way.  She used a colored PowerPoint presentation which included many actual sites from the Internet to let parents  know what is available to their children. 

The parents who attended her workshop stayed past the initial time of presentation, because they were so enthralled by her presentation.  Every catechetical program or Catholic School ’s Home and School Association must have her give a lecture. 

Although Elizabeth explained that there are many wonderful usages of the Internet, there are also bad neighborhoods and predators out there in cyber space.  She not only instructed parents, but also lent a supporting hand in how to combat these bad sites. 

As a mother, political activist and computer tech, she offers a helping hand to parents who might not be so computer savvy.  This she does by her web site http://www.moralert.com/, and also by e-mail if people have any questions. 

The sad thing about technology is that at times, children know more than adults.  Elizabeth Racine’s lecture, web site, and continued e-mail support will help adults catch up.

Rev. Dr. Kenneth Brighenti
Pastor of St. Ann Church, Raritan, New Jersey
Co-Host of EWTN’s “Council of Faith”
Author of Catholicism for Dummies and John Paul II for Dummies



Parent and Teacher Reviews:


Mariette Danilo, Adult Faith Formation Director at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Doylestown, Pennsylvania:

“Do not miss this one! An eye opening, riveting, and sometimes scary exploration into the world our children must navigate every day. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Beth Racine has done a thorough job of researching solutions and offers parents the knowledge and tools needed to win this battle. Be sure and keep a pencil and pen in hand as she is a storehouse of information to be shared.

One woman, needing to use the restroom, ran out of the presentation, down the hall saying, “I have to hurry- I don’t want to miss even a minute of this woman - this is unbelievable!”---and down the hall she went!!” 


Feedback from Attendees

“…Before this presentation, I thought everything was fine. It turns out, I didn’t even know enough to realize how much I needed this presentation. All parents need to see this…”

“Elizabeth has an amazing grasp of the problem; excellent presentation”

“Practical Info Powerfully Presented”

“Excellent Content--all parents need to see this”

“Should be mandatory for all parents at school and in Religious Education Classes.”

 “Very enlightening; it changed my views of this problem.”