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Saturday, May 27, 2017
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Surfin' the 'Net with Santa
Safe Technology Christmas Gift Guide
If technology is on your child’s Christmas list this year, Santa has asked me to relay this safety information to you. Also, a list of the Best and Worst Videos for our Kids, and much more. Click here to view. 

Momentum Magazine Article

What's Going on Online?

The Greatest Online Threat to Teens and Pre-teens may Come from Each Other

by Elizabeth Racine
Whether or not your school uses the Internet in the classroom, chances are your students are surfing the net at home, with varying levels of supervision.

Never before have children led the way in mastering a new technology, especially one so powerful as the Internet. At the advent of television and radio parents were right there with their kids, watching, listening, learning – and monitoring. Not so with the Internet, which has become an unregulated jungle. 


 Today's Catholic Teacher Magazine Article

Protecting Kids from Others (and Themselves) Online

by Elizabeth Racine



Students love the Internet, but the dangers it presents cannot be overlooked. Get up to speed on the latest hazards and ways you can protect your students online.


Like the proverbial double-edged sword, the Internet has become both a boon and a bane to educators and parents of teens and pre-teens. One edge is the vast knowledge and instant information available at the click of the mouse. The other is the underbelly that we’ve all read about: pornography, stalkers, bullying, and more.