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Saturday, May 27, 2017
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Welcome to Moralert

...the website for parents, teachers, clergy, and other caring adults who want to keep updated on the latest Internet and cultural issues affecting our children.

Unlike other sites that focus only on a child's physical safety, Moralert is a place to learn more about the moral, academic, spiritual, and social issues that affect our children every day, often right under our noses.

Please spend some time browsing the site and especially reading the blog (click on "The Latest News" above) to keep updated so we can guide our children. Please spread the word to other parents who care about their children's safety--whether it be their physical, moral, spiritual, or emotional.



Do You Know What Your Kids are Doing Online?


Let parenting author and Internet safety presenter Elizabeth Racine take you on a guided tour of your child’s online world--it will shock you.


Her extensive online research for the past 14 years has uncovered a moral minefield for families today:  Plagiarism, Cyberbullying, Internet Pornography, Satanism, and other assorted perils are big draws for teens and ‘tweens.


Learn the warning signs and how to detect your child’s involvement, plus hidden dangers in websites that profess to be “safe.”


Learn how to keep tabs on and set limits to protect your child and family, while still remaining connected—both to the Internet, and to each other.  Click here to continue reading