Judge Bans Rocker from Stage, Says He Used Music to Win Favor of Underage Girls (Using MySpace)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Link Between Human Trafficking and Internet

Sunday, December 09, 2007

I attended a presentation yesterday that really troubled me. Patrick Trueman, special counsel to the Alliance Defense Fund, and Former head of the Justice Department's anti-porn unit, gave a talk about the dangers of pornography to a group of concerned people.  I went into the talk thinking (hoping) that I wouldn't learn anything new, since with all the research I've done, my brain can't fathom there being more...but unfortunately I learned something new that you probably will need to know about as well. Mr. Trueman is an expert on the Human Trafficking situation and he told some stories that were so outrageous, my first reaction was, "Not in the United States..." but they are true, and they are happening here...

He talked about a young woman who had begun dating a man, and after three months, he wanted her to meet his family. So they drove to an area outside of Las Vegas, and arrived at a deserted parking lot. There was a white panel truck (like a moving truck with no writing on the outside) and he then handcuffed her, forcing her into the truck where there were others in a similar situation. The others were all children, ages 12 and under...being held as sex slaves in a prostitution ring.The ring took orders from customers--if someone wanted a 7-year-old boy with blue eyes and blond hair, they would be prepared. If the captives didn't obey their captors they were either beaten or shot in front of everyone else. The only reason this story made it out is that the young woman was able to escape--but how many children are missing and in this type of situation, and why is the demand for child sex so high? We can thank the Internet...the addiction to porn is fueling the need for new material, and once all the other avenues have been exhausted, men are turning to child porn, as their normal defenses against this aberration are broken down...it 

MySpace Virus a Major Problem --

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Chilling Wake-Up Call: NJ Mom's Sleuthing Snares Sex Suspect Who Lured Her Daughter

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Chilling Wake-Up Call for Parents:

Read this story for a chilling wake up call. This mother learned of her 15-year-old daughter's involvement with a married man, who had lured the girl to a motel room twice for sex. The mother installed monitoring software and then went to the police, who ran a sting operation and caught the man, who by all accounts is "just a regular guy." His arrest has set an entire community into an uproar, and begs the question: Is the Internet turning regular guys into predators?  

What I found most interesting was the information at the end of the article.

Sgt. Andrew Donofrio, who heads the prosecutor's Computer Crimes Unit, said credit is due to such mothers – however nosy – who relentlessly investigate potential indecencies on their children's computers.

"She took a proactive step," Donofrio said.

The mother said it simply seemed the right thing to do.

"I guess all the warnings that you read about as a parent are true -- that you do have to monitor them non-stop," she said.

Internet is Getting Worse, Studies Show...But There IS a Solution

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Despite the noble efforts of many nations to protect children we continue to see a rise in exposure to harmful material. The Global Internet Trend Report showed that reports of illegal and harmful content are growing each year, including a 24% yearly increase in adult pornography complaints and 15% for child pornography. INHOPE hopes that the report leads to action on the part of "policy makers, governments, Industry."

This report confirms what many already know: the Internet is a valuable but dangerous place, especially for children. Governments and the industry must work together to create and implement useful solutions, like the CP80 Internet Zoning Initiative, allowing parents and families to choose what content is available in their homes.

For more info, visit http://cp80.org


Cyber Snooping Gets Creepy

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Who is posting information about you --or your children-- without permission? Sites like Zoominfo or Spock collect information found in various places online and collect it all in one place. So if your child's name appears on her MySpace account (or on a friend's site, or even an enemy's site) this is fair game for these web services.

Although theoretically you can try to have this information removed, according to this article in Time, it's frustrating and doesn't always work. 

You needed another hobby...



Check This Out...

Monday, December 18, 2006

Check up on Those High-Tech Gadgets...

A Guide for Parents

Wondering what the best -- and the worst -- Video Games are?

Do you know which Video Game Systems can access the Internet?

Which cell phones are best for kids?

Visit this article and find out...

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